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Thanks for stopping by. If you are new to this site, we bid you welcome and ask that you read the copyright page. If you would like to create your own puzzles, we ask that you read the software page. If you have questions about the puzzles, check out the FAQs. If you've been here before, we welcome you back.

Please note that these puzzles are NOT cannot solve them over the 'net. To work the puzzles, print them off and use a pencil.

There are two types of puzzles; kid's and adult's, the only difference being the size of the puzzle and the number of words. The kid's puzzles almost always have 18 words, while the adult's puzzles may have over 50. I try to fit as many words as I can on the adults's puzzles. All of the kid's puzzles are lumped into one big category, Kid's Puzzles. The adult's puzzles are broken into 7 categories, General, Geography, Holidays, Letters, Bible, Sports, and TV-Movies.

There may be letters that are unused when you complete a puzzle. The left over letters are just that. There are no hidden messages or anything like that, just simple little puzzles. I try to make four new puzzles every month and upload them to the website on the first of each month.

I enjoy making the puzzles and learn something just about every time. I hope you enjoy working them and learn something, too.

Please keep emailing me your suggestions, they are all appreciated very much. Please remember that I must be able to compose a list of at least 100 words all pertaining to a single subject and the words must be of various lengths with not too many long words. The longest word I can use is 15 characters.

Oh, one more thing. Rest assured that this site has always been, and will always remain, safe for kids of all ages.

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