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I use a very old version (1.0, circa 1993) of WordSearch Creator (Centron Software) on a Macintosh PowerPC to make my puzzles. I only use it to make the grid and keep track of the words, I fit the words into the grid manually. It will fit the words, but it doesn't do a very good job in that it will not use the same letter in more than one word. Newer versions may fit the words better, I don't know.

There are three shareware programs for the Mac that I am aware of; Word Square Builder, Word Search, and Word Search Creator X.

Download Word Square Builder. There are versions for Classic and MacOS X.

Download Word Search

Download Word Search Creator X. MacOS X only.

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I'm sure there are many programs for pc's for making puzzles, but the only three I know about are Word Splash Pro, Wordsheets, and Word Search Maker. I haven't used any of them very much, but Word Splash Pro has many options that you won't find in most puzzle making programs. You can even make puzzles with numbers and interactive puzzles.

Download Word Splash Pro.

Download Wordsheets.

Download Word Search Maker.

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Don't forget to pay your shareware fees. These folks make great stuff and we need to pay our fair share.

If you know the url of a shareware program for Macs or PCs email it to me and I will include it on this page.

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