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Guess Who Book

Making a book is always a great activity for children. Writing a book about themselves help children learn that they are important. If the project is done by a group, it gives the children a chance to share and learn about other people.

The directions you find here are simply suggestions. Please feel free to get creative and be sure to have fun with this project.

Below you will find page ideas for your book. There is no specific order to the pages. We do recommend that the "Surprise" page be next-to-last and the "Name" page be last. Print the ones you like and complete them with your child. Each page can be expanded into other activities if you desire. For instance, you could use a blank page as a favorite color page and then extend that into a math project by graphing the favorite colors. Pages may be expanded into a group activity. You may need to take several days to work on the book.

Pages for Your Book

Family and Like Pages helps children understand their family and express positive things they like to do.

Town and Phone Number Pages are designed to assist child to learn about the place they live and their phone number.

Name and Age Pages are important facts that children love to see on paper.

Blank Pages can be used for what ever the teacher wished to bring into the lesson.

Surprise Page is made by placing these two pages together. Cut on the solid line to open the door on first page. Glue or draw a picture of the child on the second page. Glue the edges of the first page in front of the second so that when the door is opened you can see the words and picture of the child. Be careful with placement of the picture and be sure not to glue the door closed.

Make a cover

For the cover you will need a piece of construction paper that measures about 9 inches by 6 inches. Fold the sheet in half, choose a title for your book (we liked "Guess Who?"), write the title on the front cover, and decorate. Do not forget to put the author's name on the front cover. Your child has worked hard and deserves to have his name on the front of his book.

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Copyright © 1996 Karen M. Potter.
Permission is granted to print these "Pages for Your Book" for instructional use by parents and teachers.
Copyright information must remain intact.

Please email any comments or suggestions.

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