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       Building Blocks to Reading

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Fall for Color

The directions you find here are simply suggestions. Please feel free to get creative and be sure to have fun with this project.

Take a walk on afternoon and see what colors you can find in nature. Make several pages dedicated to the wonderful fall colored leaves. Other pages can center around the yellow sun and blue sky. Look at the ground, do you find green grass, white snow, or brown ground? A walk with your child can be a relaxed loving time when you can help your child work on his colors and skills of observation.

When you get home, you can work with your child on memory skills. Try to remember what you saw and talked about on your walk. Then work with language skills, as your child draws pictures of what happened on your walk. Write down your child's words as he describes what was seen on the walk.

Make your child's pages into a book and encourage him to share with family and friends.

Below you will find page ideas for your book. All to these pages are written by your child on blank pages. Your child can draw a picture. You can take dictation and write your child's words at the bottom of the page.

Pages for Your Book

Blank pages and your child's imagination are used to build this book.

Possible page ideas would include: Blue sky, red leaf, yellow sun, green grass, white snow, gray rock, black road, and orange pumpkin.

Make a Cover

For the cover you will need a piece of construction paper that measures about 9 inches by 6 inches. Fold the sheet in half, choose a title for your book, write the title on the front cover, and decorate. Do not forget to put the author's name on the front cover. Your child has worked hard and deserves to have his name on the front of his book.

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Copyright 1996 Karen M. Potter. Permission is granted to print these "Pages for Your Book" for instructional use by parents and teachers. Copyright information must remain intact. These pages are not for resale!

Please email any comments or suggestions.

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